Why Do People Do What They Do?

The Shrinks

The Shrinks is a talk show that explains why people do what they do. We do that while providing education and entertainment to a general audience. It is a panel of diverse mental health professionals, and some not-so-traditional professionals, navigated by Dr. Pete. The Shrinks has segments with real people, discusses behaviors of celebrities, bring on celebrity guests, and portrays mental health and behavior in an objective and compassionate manner. 

Think about the 2008 presidential election- the media was quick to talk about gender differences between Barrack and Hillary, but there was little to no mention about race when it came to Barrack and John. The Shrinks is a show that is not afraid to tackle such issues. In treatment, Intervention, Hoarders, Biggest Loser, What Would You Do, Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew... There have been attempts to ‘hollywoodize’ mental illness. Now there is the Shrinks.
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