Why Do People Do What They Do?

Dr. McKinney


Dr. Tara McKinney is a board certified psychiatrist who trained in the inner city, a marathon runner, she has a neurologist husband and she’s a mother of two; standing at 5 feet tall, Dr. McKinney is a firecracker, and is current and relatable.

Dr. Pete

Dr. Pete Economou is a cognitive and behavioral psychologist and professor of counseling psychology, former model and elite collegiate swimmer, who can captivate an audience and make people feel good. He has presented across the country, researched and published on various topics including mindfulness, neuropsychology, gender constructs, and sexuality. He is young, has boyish looks, and charismatic charm.

The Shrinks Guest Panel

Just like in any professions, there are some good and bad practioners. Beware! The Shrinks are the best of the best. 

The Shrinks include licensed mental health professionals who are active in the field, as well as some other "not-so-traditional" Shrinks. We are working with real life people, and we know what we are talking about. We are not afraid and we will not back down from any conversation.

Here are some of the Shrinks you can get to know: 

Dr. Rubin


Dr. Rubin is a New York state licensed clinical psychologist; she currently serves as the Co-Director of Clinical Training at the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy in New York City. She is also an adjunct professor within the graduate psychology programs at both Columbia University and Yeshiva University. Dr. Rubin specializes in mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapies from a multicultural perspective.

Dr. Mercedes


Dr. Mercedes is a full time psychologist at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center. He is also an adjunct professor at John Jay College and is the current president of the Latino/a Psychological Association of New Jersey.

Lisa G

Hair Stylist

As a Hair Stylist Lisa has been given another opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and common sense wisdom that comes from behind the chair. She is dynamic, full of life, and not afraid to tell it as it is. 

Jackie Silver


Jaclyn S. Bronstein is a NY State licensed mental health counselor with over 7 years experience working as Substance Abuse Therapist/Research Scientist at NY State Psychiatric Institute at Columbia University Medical Center (STARS clinic). In addition to her experience with substance abuse, Jaclyn has a private practice in Midtown Manhattan where she specializes in treating patients with love addiction, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and ADHD.

Chino Okonkwo

Clinical Social Worker

Chino has a graduate degree in Social Work from Columbia University and a Post-Masters Certificate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy from NYU. For over 10 years, Chino has worked with college students and adults using psychodynamic, dialectical behavioral and strength based frameworks with her clients. She currently practices privately and at a conservatory in New York City.

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